word of the year: adventure

word of the year: adventure

hey friends! i know this post is a little late in the year, but better late than never right? i’m sure most productive, on-top-of-it-all, organized bloggers wrote this same post in like december or january, but i prefer to mix it up, think outside the box, and buck the trends. so here’s mine. in march.

there is a trend growing online where people chose one word that they hope to focus on throughout a year. it can be anything you would like, and its purpose is to keep you focused on your goals, whether they are personal, professional, emotional, or all of the above. last year was the first year i participated in this experiment in intentional living and i chose the word HUSTLE. i was finishing up school (for the second time) and wanting to just work hard, grow my own business, and spend my days hustling toward all of my professional goals. i was mostly successful in that, and finished the year excited about where i was headed.

at the end of last year, i started thinking about the focus of 2017. i was feeling a little bit stuck and a whole lot of wanderlust. i wanted to expand on everything in my life: the places i’ve been, the people i spend time with, the things i spend my time thinking about. the word “adventure” popped into my head and i couldn’t really shake it.

helen keller adventure quote

in my head, when i hear the word adventure, i picture hiking boots and mountains and drinking out of a thermos or whatever. and while that is one way to adventure, i’m realizing that you can have an adventurous spirit without ever taking a trip. pushing your limits, testing the boundaries of what you thought you were capable of, stepping outside of what is familiar and comfortable, being vulnerable in life and love and friendship–these are all adventures.

my biggest and most favorite adventure was my trip to tanzania in 2011. i traveled alone halfway across the world, made new friends, and saw things that opened my eyes and my mind and completely changed who i am. i want to do that all the time, every day, always. and while a trip of that magnitude was probably a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, there are plenty of ways to expand yourself without traveling across the globe.

that being said, i have done some travel-adventure this year. i kicked the year off with a trip to portland, oregon to celebrate being 30/mourn my 20s (more on that trip coming up later!) and just in the last couple of weeks i’ve taken some midweek road trips through texas because like, why not? enjoy a cute texas sign and a pink starbucks that i discovered on those road trips:

coleman texas, friendliest town

pink starbucks


another way i’m working adventure into my life is meeting new friends. i am an introvert through and through, so striking up a convo in public just isn’t going to happen for me. but in 2017, who needs that? that’s why we have the internet. there are a few groups that i am a part of on facebook that have brought some new people in my life. my favorite group was formed around a podcast and is full of the most amazing people that will answer any question or be there to cheer you on or commiserate with whatever you are going through.

so yeah, i’m working on being adventurous. it’s only march, and i’m sure the rest of this year will bring on many new adventures both big and small. i’ll be sure to keep you updated! what is your one word this year?

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