and the vibe MARCHED on // march spotify playlist

and the vibe MARCHED on // march spotify playlist

i am going to post monthly spotify playlists full of songs that i’m loving at the moment. i don’t listen to music as much as i used to because i listen to podcasts all day every day. but as the weather warms up for spring, i’m always in the mood for some vibey, chill, patio weather music.

just a few weeks ago, i took a road trip through texas with my number 1, and we worked on putting these songs together. they all have a little beat drop in them, perfect for car dancing, which is the only kind of dancing i truly enjoy.

angela car dancing
please enjoy this very old picture of me and my car dancing.

if you have any songs that you think would fit right in on this playlist, please share them with me! and i hope you enjoy some car dancing of your own with my march spotify playlist, “and the vibe MARCHED on”.


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