but who even are you, angela?

but who even are you, angela?

i’ve started like 36 different blogs and websites (all the way back to the xanga days!) and for one reason or another, they just haven’t been able to stick around. but i keep getting pulled back in.

so i’m starting this one a little differently. i have a solid vision, i know much more about who i am and the voice i have online, and i’m ready to make this one work.

let’s start with who i am and why i need a place on the internet anyway.

i’m angela. i live in dallas, texas, and i have an unhealthy obsession with goldendoodles.  just dogs in general, really. i already have the name of my future doodle picked out, but that’s a secret.

i'm wearing cat ears. it only happened once, i swear.
i’m wearing cat ears. it only happened once, i swear.

i have three dogs and one purrfect cat, but they all currently live with my parents, which makes for one sad and lonely angela.

dogs shih tzu cockapoo
meet penelope, paisley & roxie. shining stars. #squadgoals
this is how our photoshoots go. she's very cooperative.
this is how our photoshoots go. she’s very cooperative.

in my late twenties i decided to go back to school, and because of that i now own my own graphic design and social media business. i’ve always been on #teaminternet and i’ve found a way to make a living from it. i’m currently working on growing my business and turning it into my own little empire. 2017 goals, really.

youtube videos are a thing that i really enjoy, so i started making my own. they will all be posted here, along with some extra content to go alongside them. they’re fun and silly and not serious at all. i love them!

i watch friends every night to fall asleep and have since high school. it’s most likely a real problem, but like, it works for now?

i have an unhealthy obsession with taylor swift and you will NOT be able to bully me about it. get outta here with your tay-hate.

just hanging out with my two best friends, cyndi and taylor. we were so young.

podcasts are what keep me company while i work from home. i have a video coming soon about all of my favorites!

i like doing anything creative and that is what will be featured here. stay tuned and follow me on instagram so you never miss a post!

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