apartment inspirations // millennial pink & emerald

apartment inspirations // millennial pink & emerald

full disclosure: this post contains some affiliate links that could make me some money.


exciting news alert: i’m moving into the cutest new apartment! it’s all i can think about and my moving date is still 2 and half months away. i’m planning to make it the most angela space possible, which really just means color, fun, and some quirky things that make most people who know me go, “uhh…cute?”. i want to document my color inspirations and the decorating process here, so i thought i would start with the living room and kitchen area. i have a vintage 1970s emerald green couch and chair from my great-grandmother, and i have decided to pair it with blush, more affectionately known as “millennial pink”. this is probably the trendiest color combination i’ve ever picked, and i’m loving the pieces i’ve chosen so far! my mom and i spent some time today making this moodboard of some pieces i want, some pieces i have, and some images that i love.


blush and emerald mood board

my plan is to use lots of succulents, a fiddle leaf fig tree, and other greenery to really pull all of the emeralds together. i’ve purchased a few planters from anthropologie, including the alpaca ones in the collage, and I would link them here for you but they are no longer available!

the flamingo print fabric is from rifle paper co.’s new fabric collection and i couldn’t pass it up. i’m going to create some pillow covers with it and get creative with the rest. i think i’ll be using some lawn flamingos somewhere, too.

i love the vintage style pink phone, and I’m trying to find the right one to buy. i found the “pass the salt” graphic on anthro’s twitter account, and it really pulls it all together for me.

the entire oh joy for target line is so much fun, and i loooove these letter vases so much. click the vases below to shop!

i couldn’t find the exact copper mugs that i used as inspiration, but you can shop this adorable target set here. every kitchen needs some copper!

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